We develop great ideas with passion.

We analyse your software needs, produce the most suitable solutions and implement it to real life.

About Us

Our success story is based on the company Pointwise in 2018. Our Founding Partners Aytekin Yaliz and Matt Aiken first started to work with the Pointwise Company and then established the Keyway Company. Ultimately, we have achieved a significant success in the industry, combining our strength with our other 14 teammates and decided to develop it under the name Keypoint Solutions in June 2020.

Realising the need for qualified software developers in the sector  at one hand, and the abundance of people wanting to work in the sector at the other, we commenced the idea of introducing more employees to the market firstly by training them, then  helping them gain experience and finally introduce them to the market. Both groups of people who just started in the software field and who had the knowledge but lack experiences are in our scope. We target those who want to engage in the sector, prepare them for the profession and present them in the market.

Our Services

We have conveyed our experiences to 35 people over one year by providing training and mentoring services at different levels. Keypoint Solutions supported 13 employees engaging in the professional business life by preparing them for the UK standards, and helped 8 other individuals engaging in the business world as interns after they completed their training in Keypoint Solutions. We currently have 14 trainees continuing the first and second part of their training.


Website & Mobile Application Consultant and Project Works

Developer Recruitment

We improve the service quality by making developer recruitment

Development Training

We provide development trainings to build your future career

What makes us different?

We mark a significant difference in the sector with essential services in the field of informatics and software.

We are currently completing all processes of professional software projects from start to finish with our expert staff.

We are experts in providing software training and recruitment services with a network of more than 250 professional software developers.

With our current software network and software development experience, we can get consultant projects and obtain resources.

We offer internship opportunities for those who wants to complete their software education or update themselves with new technologies in the UK and European market.

Our Team

Atkin Y.

CO-Founder & CTO

His technical competence has been proven with his academic background and long years of experience in the sector. He has been working in the UK for over 10 years and currently works as a Tech Lead and Architect in an important technology firm.

Matt A.

CO-Founder & Business Development Manager

Our founder, who has the technical skills in the field of informatics and academic background in law, combined these qualities with strong social relations and has initiated successful attempts.

The people who have trusted us so far